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Strengthen Mystery Shopping with An All-Inclusive Audit

Mystery Shopping Audit

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Mystery shopping has the ability to completely transform your business, which can promote positive changes, including rebuilding and expanding on an already established brand.

It can be used as a tool to showcase how your business compares to industry standards, exposes areas of improvement and increases consumer loyalty.

What if an in-store audit could be included in this journey?

Mystery shopping no longer has specific boundaries, it can consist of several different elements, including retail audits being conducted.  The knowledge gained from both provides incredible detail into your market segment, your audience and reveals how your products or services are viewed by consumers. Valuable research provides exceptional customer insights that increase your business performance. Managing your KPIs ensures your business is performing at a high standard when contrasted with competitors.

Want to save time when gaining clear insights into your business?

Both businessmen and women all have one key element in common. They want to effectively save time while ensuring tasks are performed efficiently. Time equals money to entrepreneurs and when this can be reduced, it allows them to acquire the information they need fast and act quickly in the areas that need the most attention.

Mystery shopping and retail audits do not have to be treated as separate experiences, where retail owners must wait a period of time before receiving the results from both market research events. Customer Perceptions can ensure your mystery shopping includes an audit spin, where both elements are combined and you are provided with an efficient result.

Did You Know?

86% of customers are willing to spend more money on a product or service where they have experienced a pleasant customer experience. Where there are endless choices available, quality has proven time and time again a winner in driving performance and sales.

75% of millennials would choose another retailer if they felt their customer experience fell below a certain standard.  If there are discrepancies in your brand’s CX, customers will easily switch to your competitor. You need real-time data in order for this to be examined, to remain top of consumer preferences. This is where mystery shopping and audits play a key role in ensuring you don’t slip in your standards.

Want to include specifics in your mystery shop and auditing experience?

No mystery shop experience is exactly the same, it all depends on your business. It can vary from face–to–face interactions, telephone calls or overnight stays to gain insight into the hospitality sector. Every programme is customized to suit your business needs. This is where your retail audit can be incorporated to include the aspects that you want to be examined. Whether you want to examine the time it takes to find products on shelves or delve into how helpful your store employees are, retail audits cover everything including the availability of stock.

Customer Perceptions listen to every client’s need to ensure each element they wish to explore is carried out by our team. Every mystery shopping and audit experience is different for all our clients. Customer Perceptions have worked with companies both nationwide and overseas and are recognized globally for working across all industries. Get in touch today so we can guide you on the best options for your business.

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Strengthen Mystery Shopping with An All-Inclusive Audit