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Staff Climate Surveys


Interviewing your staff members on a regular basis is a really effective way of understanding staff perceptions of what your company offers. They can be very useful in helping to implement or revising staff retention strategies and policies.

Customer Perceptions have over 24 years of experience in conducting all types of surveys including staff climate surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, exit interviews etc. Our sister company Optimum Results is a training and consultancy company with HR Specialists with whom we work alongside to complete staff climate surveys.

Staff Climate Surveys have the following benefits:

Measure Current Satisfaction

Provide Staff With A Outlet To Give Feedback

Give Staff The Opportunity To Make Suggestions

Show Your Staff That You Care

Improve Your

Results Are Available On An Easy To Use Dashboard

Filter & Compare Results By Various Metrics

Staff Climate Surveys can be conducted through a variety of methods i.e. face to face, online, over the phone. The most suitable method will be determined by the company size, environment, locations, culture etc.

For St Canice’s, we recommend using the phone call method as the most suitable way of obtaining insightful information from employees. We use an experienced HR consultant to conduct the employee calls.

Customer Perceptions create a draft staff climate survey, based on the client's objectives. Client to revise and make any amendments they feel necessary and return. Client to send over employee details i.e. name, department, management team, rota, etc.

Survey to be signed off Customer Perceptions to revert with a revised schedule as to when each employee will be contacted.
Week 1
Customer Perceptions to send individual emails to all staff members, with their allocated time-slot advising them of the call, content and what they need to prepare.
Week 2
Surveys begin and are carried out throughout the fieldwork phase.
Week 3-5
Results and preparation of findings.
Week 6

New Staff Climate Surveys