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Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews are a fast & effective method of getting a clear understanding of your real customers’ experiences. This feedback is typically gathered face-to-face and on-site, as customers exit your premises.
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The Benefits

Direct line to your customers

Exit Interviews provide you with a direct line to your actual customers, immediately after their experience.

highly trained interviewers

Our elite pool of highly trained interviews are skilled in eliciting quality, insightful information from customers.


You will be assigned a dedicated, experienced Account Manager, who will be your main point of contact & guide you throughout the process.

powerful insights

We use our expertise to design powerful questionnaires, which provide you with actionable results.

High Response rates

Research shows that face-to-face exit interviews garner the highest response rates of any survey type.


Results are available on our dashboards, which are highly innovative, insightful & incredibly easy to use.

Why Exit Interviews?

Their objective is to capture feedback from your actual customers immediately after their experience on-site. Using succinct, carefully designed surveys, our skilled interviewers extract information that is in line with your business needs & objectives.

Exit Interviews help you gather feedback from customers regardless of whether or not they make a purchase & have the added benefit of being able to observe & record social cues, such as body language, tone, etc. 

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Exit Interviews