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Public Opinion POLLs

Public Opinion Polls measure the public’s views regarding brands, products, services or topics of interest. Do you want to know what the general public thinks of your business? Do you want insight into awareness of your brand? Do you want to take targeted action into your improvable areas? 

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Using a sample of the population, in-depth telephone interviews can be conducted by our trained field researchers.


Online opinion polls can be emailed to our base of 8,000 Irish field researchers or to your existing database.


Our field researchers can approach targeted respondents in a specific location to complete opinion polls face-to-face.

Survey the General Public.

Using our base of 8,000 field researchers, we can conduct opinion polls with your desired demographic..

Survey your customers/clients

Using your existing client or customer database, we can conduct opinion polls on your behalf.


Gain insight into the public’s perspective of your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses & strategies.

The Benefits

Our Expertise & partnership approach

We have a strong track record, spanning over decades, of working in partnership with our clients to design public opinion polls tailored to their individual business needs.​


We understand that your business requirements may vary. We pride ourselves in adapting to meet & reflect this.


Our field researchers are the essence of our successful programmes. We have a large team of experienced & trained field researchers to conduct opinion polls.

Insightful Results

Results are presented in an insightful & easy to interpret manner.

Why Public Opinion Polls?

Public Opinion Polls allow you to gather the general public or a specific demographic’s views regarding brands, products, services or topics of interest.

Using Public Opinion Polls, you can gain insight into the opinions of the wider population across a range of topics and subjects. 

For more information about our mystery shopping service for public opinion polls, contact us today or view our other mystery shopping solutions below!


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Public Opinion Polls