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Gather consumer insights

Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) Survey

Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) surveys provide meaningful insight into your customer’s satisfaction, needs, expectations & loyalty. These carefully designed surveys can be conducted face-to-face, by telephone or online.



Online Surveys

Online surveys can be emailed to our base of 8,000 Irish field researchers or your existing database.


Using a sample of the population, in-depth telephone interviews can be conducted by our trained field researchers.


Our field researchers can approach targeted respondents in a specific location to complete surveys face-to-face.

The Benefits

our expertise/ partnership approach

We have a strong track record with our current clients, spanning over decades.


We understand that your business requirements may vary. We pride ourselves in adapting to meet & reflect this.

HIGHLY TRAINED field researcers

Our field researchers are the essence of our successful programmes. We have a large team of experienced a& trained field researchers to conduct C-SAT surveys.

insightful results

Results are presented in an insightful & easy to interpret manner.

Why C-SAT Surveys?

Customer Satisfaction Surveys allow you to measure your customer’s satisfaction and gain a deeper understanding of whether or not you are meeting their expectations. 

Using C-SAT Surveys, you can listen to your customers and get a clear insight into their opinions, feelings & attitudes towards your business, as well as pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses.

C-SAT Surveys can help to guide business strategy, create customer-oriented environments & enhance customer loyalty.


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Customer Satisfaction Surveys