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measure your customer experience


Mystery Shopping Services can help you to measure customer experience & service quality. It maps out your customer journey from start to finish. In doing so, it can assist you in improving & benchmarking your business performance, with the added benefits of reducing churn, increasing sales, combatting areas for improvement & enhancing customer loyalty.



Walk In

Measure your customer’s on-site experience using bespoke questionnaires & scenarios. Gain invaluable feedback through the eyes of the customer.


With the use of audio recording equipment, you can measure the quality of the service delivered by your staff via telephone call. Using targeted questionnaires, you can easily monitor & improve on organisational performance, processes & behaviour patterns over time.

Covert Video

Using our state-of-the-art covert video equipment, you can experience the reality of your customer service experience.

Overnight Guest Stays

Measure every aspect on your overnight experience from reservation, to check-in, to checkout, monitoring accommodation, facilities, food, drink & service levels along the way. Follow the customer journey, ensure standards are upheld & policies adhered to.


Gain insight into your competitor’s performance through detailed & up-to-date feedback. Benchmark yourself against them & gain invaluable information on their sales process, pricing information, strengths & weaknesses.

Website Analysis

Using online & website analysis, you can gain insight into the web experience from your customer’s perspective, using this information to improve the user experience.


Omni-channel strategy is critical to your business’ success. By measuring & managing your customer experience through all digital touchpoints, including contact centres, online, instore, email, mobile, social media, etc. you can improve your customer experience & drive better relationships with your audience.

Award programmes

Many organisations & bodies integrate mystery shopping services into their awards process. By using independent experts to deliver elements of your awards programme, you can gain independent measurements of service, standards & procedures.

The Benefits

partnership approach

We have a strong track record, spanning over decades, of working in partnership with our clients to design programmes tailored to their individual business needs.


We are the experts in mystery shopping, with over 25 years' experience in delivering mystery shopping programmes of all types & across all industries.

dedicated account manager

Our team of skilled Account Managers do the heavy lifting for you. Your Account Manager will be dedicated to delivering you with key insights into your business.


Our carefully trained mystery shoppers are the essence of our successful & insightful programmes.


We understand that your business requirements may change from time to time. Our programmes are flexible & can be adapted to reflect these changes.

User-friendly dashboards

Our branded, tailored dashboards provide you with insights into your results & performance in a clear, concise & user-friendly manner.

Why Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping helps you to map out your customer journey from start to finish. 

It assists in measuring the effectiveness of your staff training and provides valuable insights into your strengths and key areas for improvement. 



Mystery Shopping Services is different for every business.
The process typically takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish, depending on your volume, locations & requirements.

Week One - Set Up
We meet to discuss your objectives, your pain points & what you hope to achieve. Based on this consultation, we can provide you with a more detailed overview of how the process works, the project timelines, costing and any answer any questions you might have.
Stage 1
Week One - Set Up
Week One - Set Up
We begin to Design your Survey
Using our experience & expertise, along with your guidance on the core values & needs of your business, we begin to draft your questionnaire. The aim is that your questionnaire should address each touchpoint of the shopper experience, as well as gauging lasting impressions.
Stage 2
Week One - Set Up
Week One - Set Up
Mystery Shopper Recruitment & Selection
Ensuring to adhere to any specific shopper profiling you might require (e.g. specific demographics or requirements of shoppers), we recruit & train the ideal candidates for your mystery shopping programme, using our expansive shopper base.
Stage 3
Week One - Set Up
Week Two - Fieldwork & Results
Mystery Shopper Briefing
Once the questionnaire is finalised, we draft specific guidelines for our shoppers, giving them an insight into your business, the objective of the programme & the requirements on the mystery shopper, including what to look out, the specific scenario to follow, what to report on, timelines, etc.
Stage 4
Week Two - Fieldwork & Results
Week Two - Fieldwork & Results
Fieldwork Commences
The mystery shoppers are sent to field! When the fieldwork commences, visits are conducted over an agreed period of time & reports are submitted by the shoppers shortly afterwards.
Stage 5
Week Two - Fieldwork & Results
survey design for mystery shopping
Week Two - Fieldwork & Results
Quality Checks
Once submitted, reports go through a series of quality checks internally to ensure that the guidelines have been adhered to, the correct location has been assessed, every element of the customer journey is being reported on & that you are receiving an insightful & accurate reflection of your customers' experience.
Stage 5
Week Two - Fieldwork & Results
Week Two - Fieldwork & Results
All reports, results & analysis are available on our online system, Client Insights. Our dashboards are user-friendly & results are in a clear & easy to access format. This data can be drilled down to specific dates & individual locations, areas or regions. Access can be provided to all relevant personnel, from head office down to individual store level. We structure the system to mirror your organisational hierarchy so every manager can only view their own information.
Stage 6
Week Two - Fieldwork & Results

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