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Visual Merchandising Trends 2022

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Visual Merchandising trends are proving particularly important for 2022. Since the pandemic, retailers have seen a drop in sales and foot traffic in retail stores. As the pandemic is starting to lift, we can now enter 2022 with a brand-new mindset with new expectations. With the lifting of restrictions, there is expected to be an increase in the number of customers in stores. So, how can retailers prosper in these situations with the help of visual merchandising? To remain competitive, visual merchandising can help retailers make strategic plans and efficiently use store shelves. According to studies, 90% of dissatisfied customers will not say anything directly to the service but will immediately purchase from a competitor instead.  Therefore, visual merchandising helps retailers to visually organise their store shelves to entice customers into their stores and display items in the correct manner to boost sales.

Rearrange Your Store Layout Design

With lockdown lifting and the expectancy that stores will be open for longer periods, it is important for all businesses to invest in renovating their store. Window displays will always be on top of the list when it comes to attracting customers. Customers only need to glance at a window display and will know instantly if they will enter the premises or not. To ensure new and returning customers, window displays need to be kept updated to keep up with trends.

Added Additions

Mannequins provide customers with a clear idea of how an outfit or jewellery will appear when tried on. Mannequins are beneficial as you can display multiple items at one time. Generally, when mannequins are situated in the center of some clothing departments the store will appear to be busier.

Displaying shoes on a wall is much more effective as it enables shoppers to easily see and touch the product, resulting in purchases. Slat walls are versatile fixtures for shops, allowing a wide variety of products to be displayed. Shoes being visible at eye level attracts the attention of more customers.

Keeping Stock up to date

It is important for retailers to keep stock levels up to date before the beginning of the year. Empty shelves and missing products will have a negative impact on retail sales. As a result, customers will shop elsewhere, meaning a loss of sales and goodwill. For example, with New Year’s resolutions, in order to lose weight, various shoppers will only buy nutritious foods. Knowing this fact, retailers should stock up on nutritious foods to display on their shelves to boost sales.

Customize Fixtures to Improve Sales

Retailers can ask for visual merchandising experts to customize shelves to boost sales. This will enable retailers to introduce and promote certain items by displaying them in a manner that will make them stand out. This will help to place products using the right store layout, meaning they can be spaced out correctly.

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Visual Merchandising Trends 2022