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Our Competitor Analysis services allow for you to measure, compare & benchmark your own performance against your competitors. This can take various forms, depending on what information you want to gain about your competitors.

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TYPES OF Competitor analysis

Walk-In Mystery Shop

Measure your competitor's on-site experience. Gain invaluable feedback through the eyes of their customers.


Measure the quality of the service delivered by your competitors via telephone call. Benchmark their performance against your own policies/processes.

Website analysis

Using online & website analysis, you can gain insight into the web experience your competitors provide & use this information to improve your own user experience.​


Measure your competitor's customer experience through all digital touchpoints, including contact centres, online, in-store, email, mobile, social media, etc.

public Opinion Poll

Use a public opinion poll to measure the public's views on, attitudes towards & awareness of your competitors.

Pricing Audits

Record & compare your competitor's pricing & promotional offers against your own.

The Benefits

our expertise/ partnership approach

We have a strong track record, spanning over decades, of working in partnership with our clients to design competitor analysis tailored to their business needs.


We understand your business requirements may vary & change, we pride ourselves on adapting to meet & reflect this.


Our team of skilled Account Managers do the heavy lifting for you. Your Account Manager will be dedicated to delivering you with key insights into your competitors.

HIGHLY TRAINED field researchers

We have a large team of skilled & trained field researchers who are experienced in conducting competitor analysis.


Our tailored dashboards provide you with insights into your competitor's results & performance in a clear, concise & user-friendly manner.

Why Competitor Analysis?

Competitor Analysis allows you to measure & benchmark yourself against your competitor’s performance in your marketplace. Using the competitor analysis services at Customer Perceptions, you can measure your competitor’s customer journey, pricing, POS, promotions, policies & processes.

The results will allow you to evaluate & assess your competitor’s strengths & weaknesses. They will provide you with a clearer understanding of your marketplace, allowing you to adjust your business strategy to meet ever-changing conditions & consumer demands.

For more information about our mystery shopping competitor analysis services, contact us today or view our other mystery shopping solutions below!


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