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Instant Customer Feedback Solution


TellUsFirst™ enables your customers to leave feedback in real-time about their experience with your business. This feedback allows you to continuously improve your offering.

Customers can also leave their contact details, so you can close the gap and respond to any negative feedback you may receive.

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What is TellUsFirst?

TellUsFirst™ is an innovative customer feedback tool for clients that gives a direct channel to their customers. TellUsFirst™ addresses major client requirements, very cost-effectively and in real-time with full technical support.

TellUsFirst™ breaks down all of the traditional barriers of complex operations and costs. It provides cost-effective, real-time customer feedback information for the Retail & Service sector providers, regardless of business size or geographical location.

The self-administration dashboard analysis allows the TellUsFirst™ user to create a real ‘competitive advantage’ by monitoring their customer’s attitude, feelings & opinions across an endless list of products, marketing and merchandising, new services & customer care. Most importantly always providing the customer with the ability to Tell You First!!!

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Choose your Channels

Store Smiley

TellUsFirst Store Smileys allow your customers to leave feedback about their experience in your stores.

This contactless feature enables the customer to complete the survey at a time that is convenient for them, thus ensuring privacy. It also allows multiple customers to complete the survey at one time. 

Email Smiley

Our Email Smileys allow your customers to leave feedback on the email they received without having to click external links to surveys.

TellUsFirst allows you to embed an HTML code into your email templates through your CRM and start gathering instant feedback from your customers.

Web Smiley

Our Web Smileys allows visitors to your website to leave feedback after their experience. TellUsFirst enable you to insert a variety of pop-up feedback boxes on different pages and in different locations on your website. You can request feedback from your website users based on their shopping and browsing experiences with a simple click of a button.


The Benefits

Direct channel to your customers

TellUsFirst provides you with a direct channel to listen to, engage & build relationships with to your actual customers.

monitor your customer happiness score

Measure customer happiness levels. Take stock of how satisfied your customers are, what they like and what they don’t like.

track your net promotor score

Track your Net Promotor Score, which measures the likelihood of new and repeat business. Forecast growth, revenue & assess your business performance.


Our team of skilled Account Managers do the heavy lifting for you. Your Account Manager will be dedicated to helping you gain key insights into your business.​


Compared to some of the other customer feedback solutions on the market, TellUsFirst™ is the most cost-effective. It is all online, removing any expensive hardware costs.


Our tailored customer feedback software dashboards provide you with 24/7 access to key insights into your results & performance in a clear, concise & user-friendly manner.​

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