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Focus Groups

Focus Groups are an open discussion facilitated by a skilled moderator to elicit opinions on brands, products, topics or areas of interest.

Focus Groups consist of a small group of specifically recruited people & provide crucial information for your business. 

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The Benefits

our expertise/ partnership approach

We have a strong track record with our current clients, spanning over decades.

experienced moderators

Our moderators are skilled & experienced in facilitating focus groups, and creating a safe space which ensures all views are heard and respected.


We understand that your business requirements may vary or be unique. We pride ourselves in adapting to meet & accommodate this.

large base of field researchers

Our field researchers are the essence of our successful focus groups. We have a large base of field researchers and can profile for specific demographics.

insightful results

Focus Group results are presented in an concise, insightful summary report, which is easy to interpret.

Option of attendance

Many of our clients like to attend the focus group to observe, you are welcome to do so!

Why Focus Groups?


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Focus Groups