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Meeting with Minister Simon Coveney

Minister Simon Coveney Visit

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By Susan Reilly – Head of Sales and Marketing 

Two of our team members, Emma Harte, our Chief Executive Officer, and Lynn Carr, our Senior Project Manager, were delighted to meet with Minister Simon Coveney at an Enterprise Ireland event in DKIT this month. The purpose of this meeting was to celebrate and discuss Customer Perceptions’ prestigious accolade: the All Ireland Business Foundation award for ‘Best in Consumer Research Services.’

The All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF) stands as a beacon of excellence in the Irish business landscape. It serves as an independent, national accreditation body with a noble mission — not just to support enterprise development, but also to champion and promote the ‘Best-in-Class’ among Irish businesses.

During this encounter, Minister Coveney was impressed by the invaluable contributions we make to businesses across Ireland and the UK. Our focus on enhancing the customer experience is vital in today’s competitive business environment, and he recognised the significance of projects we deliver.

Our conversation with Minister Coveney delved into the diverse range of programmes we deliver for our Clients. From innovative mystery shopping programmes that produce comprehensive insights to detailed audits that examine every facet of business operations, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to support our clients.

Furthermore, our ongoing consumer research projects have a profoundly positive impact on the strategies and outcomes of the businesses we collaborate with.

However, what truly captured Minister Coveney’s attention was our groundbreaking technology, ‘TellUsFirst.’ This innovative tool has not only streamlined, but redefined the landscape of customer feedback for our clients. ‘TellUsFirst‘ empowers businesses to collect instant customer feedback through a user-friendly dashboard that is easy to interpret. It equips businesses with the certainty that they are providing their customers with a direct channel to express their thoughts and concerns before resorting to public platforms.

The most remarkable aspect of ‘TellUsFirst‘ is its cost-effectiveness. It levels the playing field, making the power of customer feedback accessible to businesses of all sizes. Regardless of their scale, every business now has the opportunity to gather invaluable insights, thereby enabling them to fine-tune their services and offerings in alignment with customer preferences.

As we continue our journey to excellence in consumer research services, we look forward to furthering our collaboration with businesses in Ireland and the UK. The encouragement and recognition received from Minister Coveney have strengthened our resolve to remain at the forefront of the customer-centric revolution, ensuring that businesses of all sizes thrive in their pursuit of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Meeting with Minister Simon Coveney