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Audits for your Business – Presto Audits

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Presto Audits

What are Presto Audits?
Customer Perceptions bring a new technology to our Clients in the form of Presto Audits. Our Presto Audit system allows you or your colleagues to conduct any type of audit on your phone/tablet. We collate easy to interpret results instantly for you, in the form of a Dashboard.
This is perfect for internal audits that you currently complete on excel/word. The survey is designed and uploaded to the system, and you can have immediate access to the survey through your app.

Who should use Customer Perceptions Presto Audits:
Presto Audits work very well for a variety of tasks:
• Internal Store Audits
• Coffee Machine Audits
• Quality Control Audits
• Staff Observation Audits
• Compliance Audits
• And many more…

Features and Benefits of Presto Audit
The advantages of using our Presto Audit system are as follows:
• Actionable Insights via our dashboards.
• Instantly alerts you to areas that need attention.
• Highlights your company strengths.
• Offline capability – no need to be in an area with internet access.
• Unlimited number of users can be set up.
• Easily track who has completed their allotted audits.
• Change/Amend your audit form any time you wish.
• No investment in hardware – use existing phone/tablet.
• Easily upload pictures to the audit form.
• Automatic analysis for you at the touch of a button.
• Customisable Dashboards.
• Software is company branded with your colours/logo.
• Drill down reports per store, area, manager and much more…

by Susan Reilly, Senior Project Manager, Customer Perceptions.

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Audits for your Business – Presto Audits