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Train your staff online

Team & Staff training with SeamsCloud LMS in Ireland

Our sister company, SeamsCloud, provide Online Staff Training for your business.

This cloud-based learning software allows you to streamline your staff training and deliver value for you and your employees.

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Why online training?

SeamsCloud online Learner Management System (LMS) enables speedy onboarding and compliance training for your team. Our LMS delivers a reduction in training costs of up to 80%, audit-ready reporting and compliance records.

With our advanced reporting options, measure the success of your training with actionable reports. You’ll always know how your staff training is impacting your bottom line.


The Benefits

our expertise/partnership approach

We have a strong track record, spanning over 25 years, of providing online training and consultancy to clients of all sizes and in all industries, across the globe.


Reduce training costs and train more learners than ever before with a scalable LMS. There's no capital outlay, just a small predictable charge per person each year.

Flexibility & customization

Our LMS system gives you access to our extensive content library or we can help you convert and update your existing training materials.

ease of management

Efficiently manage, track and deliver your corporate learning through one intuitive learning platform. Compliance training records at the touch of a button!

Anywhere access

Your learners can take their training online, anytime, anywhere and on any device. The cloud platform lets you take training on the go.


Unlock the competitive spirit of your staff members and gamify the learning process. Learners can earn badges for completing training and you may optionally enable a leaderboard to rank the top learners.

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