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Audit your business

We provide you with Covid-19 AUDITS in Ireland

Measure what matters during these uncertain times.

Our expertly designed Covid-19 Audits can provide you with insight into your standards, service levels, policies, procedures, training, management & compliance.

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Covid-19 audits measure...

Queue & customer count management

Monitor queue times, queue management & customer counts.

Customer safety

Evaluate the customer experience in the Covid-19 era. How comfortable and safe do your customers feel?

hygiene, cleanliness & safety standards

Assess your business' hygiene, cleanliness, safety & presentation standards.

social distancing

Ensure social distancing is being successfully implemented and adhered to for the safety of staff and customers alike.

covid-19 protocols

Audit your business' Covid-19 protocols, processes and training.

customer service standards

Customer service is still king! Measure your customer service standards simultaneously.

The Benefits

our expertise/partnership approach

We have a strong track record, spanning over decades, of working in partnership with our clients to design audits tailored to their individual business needs.


Our Covid-19 Audits are extremely cost-effective, to assist you with your business recovery.


We understand that your business requirements may vary and pride ourselves in adapting to meet these.

trained auditors

Our elite panel of experienced field researchers are trained & skilled in conducting announced & covert audits of all types & in all industries.

easy to use DASHBOARDS

Our branded, tailored dashboards provide you with key insights into your results & performance in a clear, concise & user-friendly manner.​

Why Covid-19 audits?

Covid-19 Audits provide you with independent assurance of your Covid-19 processes, standards, protocols, training, governance, service, risk management and compliance.

At Customer Perceptions, we work with our clients to tailor and design the specific Covid-19 audit criteria appropriate to their business needs and then utilise our experienced field researchers to gather invaluable information, which is available in real-time on our user-friendly, tailored dashboards.

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Covid-19 Audits